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Setting the Table

If I could sit down with each of you and have a cafecito Colombiano I would. My preferred way to communicate is face to face. I want to see you response, I want you to see mine, so blogging does not come easily to me. However I don’t want you all to miss out on all the experienced voices and creative ideas that I could not squeeze into the book.  There are people that you need to hear from, video clips that you must see, and topics we must discuss so here’s my plan. I will post four times a month with the following content:

  • An idea and quote from my book that I will expand on with illustrations and video links that you can learn from.
  • An interview worship leaders of different backgrounds (ethnicity, denomination, gender, church size)
  • A recipe of a dish that I describe in each one of the chapters of the book
  • New content or fresh ideas that come from continuing to lead worship in diverse communities or articles I am writing for other journals.

What might you like to discuss at the intersection of worship, culture, reconciliation, and justice?

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  • Orlando Crespo on January 25, 2016

    This sounds like a great plan. I will be sure to visit the site on a regular basis to learn from the quotes, interviews and new ideas. Thanks Sandra!

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