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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Multicultural Worship and Millennials

Sunday morning I had to shout out during worship, “I see you Juwaan!” as our young leaders led us in worship through their arrangement of a song “We Celebrate”.  The original aspects of the song were there, but the electronic sounds coming through were clearly their mark. I watched the three musicians, Sammy, David, and Juwaan look at each other during worship with this ridiculously happy look on their face. They are always joyful during […]

Diverse Worship: Beyond Representation

This fall I had the honor of hosting a video shoot for my book at GAPC (Grace and Peace Community). The filming was done in our prayer room which is 24/7 dedicated to prayer.  Not only was it filmed in a place many in my community have saturated in prayer, the worship team at GAPC is featured in the background as we rehearsed for Christmas season. Our hope was that this video would capture some […]

Epiphany Reflection

El Día de los Reyes is the highlight of the Christmas Season in Latin America. Advent is good, Christmas Eve is fantastic, but “on the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me”…Three Kings Day! Also known as Epiphany, the season of enlightenment starts January 6 and lasts 5-9 weeks (depending on Easter). The word comes from the Greek verb phainein, which means “to appear”. It’s describes “an experience of sudden insight or […]

Multicultural Makeover

Check out my latest article in Christianity Today magazine or online. “People have strong preferences based on what they consider to be normal or good. It’s hard to see something different as just different rather than better or worse. It can’t just be that we favor a different style of instrumentation or a different worship environment. One of us has to be right, and the other has to be wrong. In general, though, whether the […]