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Multicultural Makeover

Check out my latest article in Christianity Today magazine or online.

“People have strong preferences based on what they consider to be normal or good. It’s hard to see something different as just different rather than better or worse. It can’t just be that we favor a different style of instrumentation or a different worship environment. One of us has to be right, and the other has to be wrong. In general, though, whether the conflict is generational or cultural, we have to be careful about the way we talk about change. Often, either out of immaturity or frustration, we give an impression of: “What we’re doing isn’t good. What we’re doing doesn’t work.” And that sets the tone. Instead, we should focus on: “What we have here is beautiful and valuable. But it’s not everything. So how do we create space for more?” We’re not erasing the old. We’re developing something new, which includes both what has been and what could be.”

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