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Multicultural Worship and Millennials

Jammin' on the guitar

Sunday morning I had to shout out during worship, “I see you Juwaan!” as our young leaders led us in worship through their arrangement of a song “We Celebrate”.  The original aspects of the song were there, but the electronic sounds coming through were clearly their mark. I watched the three musicians, Sammy, David, and Juwaan look at each other during worship with this ridiculously happy look on their face. They are always joyful during worship, but they were almost bouncing off the keys and drum sets-I thought computers were going to go flying!

It was biblically grounded, culturally relevant worship at it’s best!  Our younger leaders have been influencing worship @thegapc for over two years now. The dance we do is two fold:
  1. We invest, disciple and mentor our younger leaders in spiritual formation, biblical worship and leadership
  2. In turn they mentor us in reaching out to their friends (18-26)
The essence rooted but the form and style open to change–a win win!
Working with millenials in your context?
Check out this interview with Calvin Institute of Christian Worship (CICW) on Multicultural Worship and Millennials and this Washington Post article about millennials and race.
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