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God Watches Over The Overlooked

Originally posted in TCW Devotional

Psalm 146:6-10

He is the Maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them–he remains faithful forever…the Lord lifts up those who are bowed down” (Psalm 146: 6, 8)

Busyness is the reality that we all live in.  As a working mom whose job requires travel, every minute at home counts. When I’m in town, there are still activities we’re balancing- home, neighborhood, church, friends, and extended family.  This week alone I forgot to eat one day, shower the next, and cancel the babysitter. Poor girl stood outside in below zero temps ringing my doorbell. When your life is full certain people and concerns are at center and others move to the margins; it naturally happens.  But I notice a pattern in who gets to be at the center of my world. Most of the people at the center of my world are in the same socio-economic and background as myself. Most of the concerns at the center are immediate issues I see and experience daily. 

Every so often my life gets disrupted. The other day I was parked on the curb waiting for a friend of mine to grab us a quick lunch- we were in a hurry. I was disrupted by a knock on my window. I could barely make out who was standing there because the combination snow and sun was blinding me. I heard the woman’s voice ask “Do you have fifty cents?” I quickly said “No sorry, I don’t have change.”

As I watched the disoriented woman walk down the street in her puffy lavender house slippers and light coat in the frigid weather I thought, “I should get out of my car and see if she’s ok”. She was someone’s mother, aunt, abuela, or hermana.  But all I did was watch her. I wanted to move, so why didn’t I move. Honestly- I was busy. I had a report due by the end of the day and preparation for a church function.  I let her walk out of my sight while simultaneously wanting to scream out of my window, “God sees you Senora! I see you Ma’am! You are not alone.” My busyness paralyzed me.

Whether it is an old street woman, children who fear the deportation of parents, or refugees, God watches over them. God doesn’t just see them or watch them- God watches over the overlooked! He sustains, upholds, and lifts them. He gives them food, freedom, and sight. Psalm 146 makes clear that God created all things, and he is concerned for the parts of his creation that are overlooked by those of us who are to busy, preoccupied, or so focused on our “center” to notice.  God’s faithfulness, love and justice for the oppressed is repeated not only in the Psalms but throughout scripture.

Sometimes we need moments of  “disruption” that cause us to ask how we prioritize those who are overlooked in society.  While we can’t care for all of the needs of the world, would people who know you say that you display compassion for those in the margins? This passage reminds us that God loves the righteous and reigns forever, therefore we should never get weary of centering in our lives on what God centers.

Read Psalm 146:6-10 and reflect: How does this encourage you when you feel overlooked to know that God doesn’t’ just see you, he watches over you? How does this encourage you to care for those who are overlooked in society?

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