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Songs from a Global Gathering

Many have asked for the global song list from the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering. Here is the complete list: YLG2016 Songs Genre Temp Theme Youtube Western (English/Multilingual) 10,000 Reasons CCM Slow Ps 103 Build Your Kingdom Here CCM/Rend Collective Med Kingdom Facing the Unfinished task Hymn slow Evangelism/Missions Holy Holy Holy/Open the Eyes Multilingual Hymn/Chorus Slow Greatness Hosanna (Let Our King be Lifted Up) CCM (SIdney Mohede) Slow Exalting the Lord How […]

What, Why, and How?

How do you select songs for a global gathering? How do you choose which languages and songs to sing? Why are there so many leaders? These are just a few of the questions that I am getting asked by people around the world at YLG2016: Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering. On the way up and down the three flights of stairs (that frankly are exhausting) people have stopped us to ask these questions and thank us […]

Let The Nations Sing

Worshiping with younger leaders from over 150 nations for two weeks is an exciting experience! Leading the worship times is also a terrifying one. So many preferences, so many cultures, so many traditions, so many opinions. My hope is to capture some of the moments not only of our worship times, but of our worship team. My prayer is that you will grow more deeply as a worshiper through our journey. Worship at YLG2016 is […]