Sandra Van Opstal is a one-of-a-kind gift of grace and it comes from the combination of qualities she brings to life and to her ministry.  She is at once an honest person before God and others who lives a real story in a complicated, often struggling, world.  She is simultaneously a person of profound and heartfelt compassion and love for people, both who they are now and who God may want them to become.  She gets that life and ministry is about process and not just about getting a job done. She brings a deep and broad vision of the Kingdom of God.  She has a marvelous range of gifts from worship leadership, team development, inter-personal ministry, vision-casting, and simply friendship.  I am so grateful for this wonderful combination of traits that sets Sandra apart and makes her an especially valuable partner in ministry.

Mark Labberton
Fuller Theological Seminary

I am so thankful for the powerful prophetic and pastoral ministry of Sandra Van Opstal. Sandra has proved and embodied leadership on issues of justice and racial reconciliation. Her theological thoughtfulness and her integrity of character has been expressed in a wide range of ministry experiences that make her an effective teacher and speaker. I have been powerfully blessed by her leadership in worship and in by her teaching.

Soong-Chan Rah
Milton B. Engebretson Associate Professor of Church Growth and Evangelism
North Park Theological Seminary

Sandra Van Opstal brings a unique mix of in the trenches life experiences and sophisticate cultural and theological reflection. From her years as a community organizer, activist and mobilizer on the northwest/west-side of Chicago, she has learned what it means to journey in solidarity with her neighbors. Her experiences growing up as a woman of Columbian and Argentinian parents have given her eyes to see the invisible role that power, race, and privilege play. And her experiences training and leading large, multi-ethnic groups and audiences at place like CCDA and Urbana, have given her vision for what a movement of people can do to change the world.

Nikki Toyama
Executive Director, ESA
Evangelicals for Social Action


Speaking Request Form

If you are interested in having Sandra Maria Van Opstal as a speaker for your function, please go here. While Sandra’s time is limited, she discerns her events in community and each invitation is considered seriously and prayerfully.