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Worship in LA

Los Angeles is a city of nations. Aside from the fact that the white community is not the majority and Latinos make up almost half of the population, did you know that global communities of Chinese, Filipinos, Koreans, Armenians, and Syrians, among others, significantly influence the culture of LA? Can you imagine a global-local community coming across differences to praise God? What does the church look like in this context? What happens when this diverse […]

Who’s Got Next? Empowerment and Leadership in Worship

The CCDA worship team had an epic weekend of rehearsal! We sang and played, ate well, and told stories from our worshipping communities. The time was filled with laughter and tears and usually ended with a team member saying “another heavy hitter” or “this song selection is ridiculous.” The CCDA worship team is not made up of random musicians that are “hired” for a “gig”––those invited to lead worship are practitioners. The people you will […]

The Next Worship: CCDA Style

Some people think of me as a worship leader, others a pastor, and yet others an activist. I don’t want to choose one; I am CCDA! CCDA is a community of people that is doing the work of neighboring. Loving God and loving our neighbor is at the heart of what we do. This difficult, collective work comes from the depth of our intimacy with God. Worship is what compels us to keep going year […]